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a phonocardiography approach to low-cost fetal monitoring

By Yahia Ali, Hannah Geil, Elizabeth Kappler, and Elianna Paljug
@ Georgia Tech BME


Ethiopian hospitals need fetal heart monitoring technology that withstands their unique conditions of use. Access to practical, intuitive, and repairable fetal heart monitors would help ensure that Ethiopian caregivers have the tools they need to achieve the World Health Organization’s standards of intrapartum care.[1]

Target Users

Current Solutions

Problem Space Research

Libi Medical conducted 19 interviews in Ethiopia and 30 interviews in the United States to get a broad view of the problem from both medical professionals and engineers.
labor ward

Key Findings



fetomic inside


fetomic usage


fetomic circuit


The team used ballistic gel to model the sound conductance of the uterus and a speaker inside the gel to play fetal heart sounds.
fetomic testingfetomic testing


Next Steps


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